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A 4 week course consisting of 12 yoga videos and 4 guided meditations

How is your home yoga practice going?

Do you, like most people, struggle to find inspiring yoga videos online?

There are so many of them that it can feel overwhelming to find the right type that fits you.

Are you looking for a solution for back pain, stiff hamstrings, tight hips or sore neck and shoulders? Yoga can address all those issues and bring you the relief you are looking for. 

And whilst studios are opening up you might still not be sure if it’s ok to go. It’s understandable, the uncertainty and potential risks can make you feel this way. You care about your health and those around you.

The way we practice has changed drastically but there is so much beauty in developing your own yoga practice! I am here to help you start that new ritual. I am sure you know how nourishing it is to move your body and feel calm and grounded.

Do you want to set the tone for your day or do you need an escape and an opportunity to be brought back to yourself after a busy day? 

Yoga will bring you peace, calm, and joy. It is so powerful it transforms how you approach your everyday life.

Introducing Yoga Solutions

I have created my yoga course YOGA SOLUTIONS with a wide variety of classes for all levels and durations and I would love for you to try them!

This is a 4 week course that consists of 12 yoga videos and 4 guided meditations. All you need to do is commit to yoga practice 3 times a week and to support you on that journey I recorded guided meditations to listen throughout the week whenever you need to. Remember, your yoga mat is a reflection of how you deal with real life situations. It’s your off-the-mat practice that will prove to be one of the most amazing benefits of yoga you will experience. Good luck, have fun and enjoy the journey.

What to expect...

Week 1. One step at the time

Begin with a gentle practice whilst setting an intention for the weeks ahead. Start fresh with a beginner’s mindset, empty your cup and commit to having an open mind.

Yoga videos:

> 55 Min Morning Flow
> 30 Min Chest Opening Flow
> 20 min Before Sleep Flow

Week 2. Get curious.

Let go of expectations, cultivate gratitude, honor your body and what it does for you, learn to celebrate small victories and achievements. No matter how slow the progress, it’s progress. Embrace and accept your journey.

Yoga videos:

> 45 Min Hip Opening Flow
> 30 Min Lower Back Flow
> 12 Min Neck Release Flow

Week 3. Your mat, your playground.

Expand and get playful in your practice, try new poses, transitions and modifications. Get more confident on your mat. It’s YOUR practice.

Yoga videos:

> 45 Min Split Flow
> 30 Min Dancing Flow
> 10 Min Core Flow

Week 4. Celebrate yourself.

This week you may find the classes more challenging, embrace it, even if you need to modify it. Practice self-awareness, attention and resilience. Through physical and mental challenges you’ll build strength and character.

Yoga videos:

> 45 Min Hamstring Opening Flow
> 45 Min Crow Flow
> 30 Min Bird Of Paradise Flow

Once you complete your 4th week it’s time to celebrate yourself, look how far you’ve come and appreciate your progress, acknowledge your journey and what you have learnt about yourself along the way.


Thank you for being here!

thank you for choosing you and making this commitment to yourself. You are beautiful, brave, strong, worthy, important, unique and amazing. You got this! I believe in you.

I cannot wait for you to try Yoga Solutions and feel the expansion, growth and lightness yoga can bring. You can choose to flow anytime and anywhere, at your own pace. Start now to access over 400 minutes of yoga and mediation content on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

See you on the mat.

From Bali with love,

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