Hello beautiful human being,

You have come this far, you are a warrior and you are amazing. Whatever happened in your life, I think we can agree that 2020 has been quite a crazy rollercoaster ride. New year is a symbolic date but also a beautiful opportunity to start fresh, welcome new energy and set the stage for good things.

Join me on this YOGA and HEALTHY HABITS 30 day challenge starting from January 2nd 2021. Over a month you will FEEL the difference in your mind, body and spirit.​


– You feel overwhelmed with last year and need motivation
– You are ready to let go of 2020
– You want start 2021 with an intention and on a good foot
– You want to overcome challenges that you had in 2020
– You feel like you fell out of wagon, struggled with keeping up healthy habits, routines and rituals
– You want to connect with like-minded individuals who will support you on this journey
– You want to start or reconnect with your yoga practice
– Set a tone for your year and start from a powerful place

If your answer was YES, then keep reading below.

Over a course of 1 month I’m going to teach 22 zoom livestream classes and host weekly group discussions to discuss your progress and challenges. Together we will share tips, support and motivate each other to do it as a collective.To complete the challenge you need to take at least 15 zoom yoga classes in 30 days.Apart from yoga, you’ll be asked choose 3 out of 5 healthy habits (or you may want to do them all!) and keep a track of them for 30 days:

  • quit coffee
  • quit alcohol
  • drink 2 l of water
  • go plant based
  • sleep 8 hours

It takes 21 days to develop a new habit and I really believe that to feel a difference and reap benefits you need to do something regularly and consistently.

Investment: Early bird 2800 HKD (until 24th December)
after: 3200 HKD
Get extra 300 HKD off if you sign up with a friend.

What you’ll get:

  • 22 zoom specially crafted yoga classes led by me on zoom (value 2600 hkd)
  • 30 day access to the class recordings in case you miss any of the classes (value 1000 hkd)
  • 4 x check in zoom meetings with me and other challenge participants to discuss progress and challenges (whether it’s yoga or lifestyle related) (value 600 hkd)
  • 1 x individual 1-1 private zoom call with me (value 800 hkd)
  • Tips, advice and support from me and the group (priceless)
  • Being a part of like-minded, conscious and supportive community of yogis (priceless)
  • Chance to win one of many prizes in a lucky draw worth up to 2000 hkd (if you complete the challenge)

Total value: 7000 HKD

Everyone who completes the challenge will enter a lucky draw to win one of the (many) prizes from our sponsors:

  • 1 x set (yoga pants + top) from @titikahk
  • 1800 HKD gift card from @risinglotus
  • 1 x pair of yoga pants from @sweatybettyhk
  • 3 x full size bottles of cbd oil from @cubedcbdhk
  • 1 x pair of blue light blocking glasses from @zigimarais

Do something good for your physical and mental health. Start this new year with an intention and show up for yourself.

I cannot wait to embark on this journey with you and see how it will transform you. It will be a month of nourishment and self discovery and I am so ready to welcome the fresh new energy of a new year.⁠

Are you?

With love and light,